“Limes: Limits of Perception” (2016)

Installation, sound design and performance by Hristina Susak

The installation represents a 3D Cartesian coordinate system with x-, y- and z-axes which symbolizes the way we perceive and understand the world around us which is being formed and limited by our senses´ abilities. The act is divided in two parts. In the first part of the performance the performer is located in the center of the “case” and moves through the space (/through spacetime). The process of expanding the area and increasing the speed of moving is metaphor of our tension to expand our knowledge but in accordance with our perceptive abilities. The more we know the more we understand that we do not know (“Scio me nihil scire” -S.) and that there are infinite fields that cannot be reached from our point of view. At this point of understanding and becoming aware of the limitations and inabilities (beginning of the second part of the performance), the performer tries to get rid of the boundaries – to get rid of the spacetime-conditions. At the end, the performer successfully overcomes the obstacles (the finite way of thinking and perceiving) by cutting all axes and gets completely free, which is in fact utopia. Music in the background (recording) follows this process in the second part of the performance by reducing claustrophobic noise into a harmony, in this case into a major chord, which for me personally could be interpreted as an utopian sound in this context.